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We build and maintain lasting partnerships with the industry’s most respected, future-thinking Ecommerce companies.


hunter-digital-marketing-img-28 had difficulty achieving a positive ROI on Google Shopping, so they challenged HUNTER to expand their sales and improve the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We optimized their data feed so that their products are easier to find, and carried out product level analysis to figure out which of the products were generating traffic, losing traffic, and making conversions. In the first month, HUNTER increased Ad spend 6 times. By optimizing the product feed and analyzing sales at the product level, we were able to increase revenue 17 fold. Due to the success of our relationship, HUNTER now manages’s Amazon and Paid Search Marketing too!

AutoRentals wanted to be able to stand out in a saturated field, and we helped them to rise above and meet their profit goals. Analyzing their Google Adwords account, we quickly planned out optimization techniques. In a month, HUNTER revived hundreds of targeted Ad Groups, tested new ad copy, and optimized bids. Thanks to our strategy, AutoRentals yielded a 10% increase in profits. With continued keyword expansion and our guidance, their campaign is now 28% more profitable.


Hitting a mid-career plateau in online growth, Proworld was looking for solutions. They went to another well-respected agency, but realized they needed something more radical. HUNTER came on the scene, performed an audit, and realized that the Paid Search strategy needed to be rebuilt. We did just that. In the first year, sales grew by $325K with just a $16K increase in spending. This was a 40% improvement. With a 660% ROI, HUNTER made Proworld profitable. Over the next 3 years, sales increased $588K on $69K additional spend and hit an all-time high of 713% ROAS.


Rock the Treatment wanted to expand their revenue challenges and came to HUNTER for the solution. We crafted an innovative digital strategy and tested Google Adwords and Product Ads. Soon, their sales volume jumped over 800% with a 5x ROI. Rock the Treatment said it was beyond their expectations. To balance out growth and profits, HUNTER suggested raising prices, and Rock the Treatment saw even more money come in.



"If you want results, look no further. Hunter Digital has been instrumental in helping Pro World grow through smart marketing and continuous consulting."
Matt Cohen
"Great SEM work. Hunter supercharged our SEM efforts and helped triple our business!"
Dennis Vukelic
"Whatever you’re [HUNTER] doing, I’m loving it!"
Adrian Vender
"Hunter Digital is a great partner that is able to achieve superior results for projects of all sizes. They are the experts at finding the right methods and helping shape your site to convert better."
Dan Woods
Evolved Media