Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing​

Optimize your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns to Drive Sales Up​

As one of the first 350 advertisers on Google AdWords, we had our foot in the door from the beginning. When it comes to PPC campaigns, no one can compare to Hunter’s experience and expertise.

Built For Success

On average only 3% of the people who visit a website will make a purchase. To drive industry-leading results, we start with precision keyword research and well-written ad copy, and layer it with geography, demographic and behavorial targeting.  

We also build smart retargeting programs, to keep your brand in front of the “window shoppers,” as a reminder to come back when they are ready.

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Our Metrics

We consistently monitor spend, conversion rates, and, most importantly, ROAS. This allows the Hunter team to be constantly adjusting to reach your goals and grow your business.

All Of Our Clients Get Click Fraud Prevention

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